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All DVD's are also available in PAL and SECAM formats

""Hangin' Out with Dolphins and Sharks"" - $20.00

(Shipping not included)

Underwater DVDs


Explores the shark encounter programs in Long Island and Grand Bahama Islands. Also shows the amazing openwater dolphin encounter program in Grand Bahama Island. Incredible Shark and Dolphin footage. Very informative. 23 minutes, DVD format, color, sound.

"'THE APEX PREDATOR' (The Great White Shark)" - $20.00

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This video shows the filming of this incredible animal in the waters surrounding Guadalupe Island, Mexico. 19 minutes, DVD format, color sound.

"in a Liquid World" - $20.00

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An aesthetic, informative underwater film on various marine life. Featuring turtles, whale sharks and more. 24 minutes, DVD, in all formats. View sample here >>

Exploring Costa Rica and Cocos Island - $20.00

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This video takes you on a journey to the Osa Peninsula and Drake Bay. Also wanders through San Jose and then out to the Cocos Islands. Very informative. DVD, NTSC, 21 minutes, color and narration. View sample here >>

The Blue Frontier - $20.00

(Shipping not included)

This video is a selection of some of LeRoy French's best underwater scenes. On location filming in the Cocos Island, Socorro Islands, St. Maarten and Saba. Whale sharks, silvertip sharks and whitetips are featured. Incredible hand feeding shark sequence and much more. Available on DVD, NTSC, 20 minutes running time.

Saba - $20.00

(Shipping not included)

A 28 minute video on the magical island of Saba. It takes you diving on the world famous 'seamounts', excellent turtle encounters, and exploring the Island topside. Very informative. VHS format, NTSC. - Also available on DVD.

Diving St. Maarten - $20.00

(Shipping not included)

This is a 30 minute video which takes the viewer on a sojourn of some of the many dive sites surrounding the island. VHS Format, NTSC. - Also available on DVD.

Sample of Video Sequences - Prices on request

Socorro Manta Rays Octopus
Green Morays Sting Ray
Fish Schools Barracuda
Nurse Shark Turtle
Frogfish Encounter Hand feeding Caribbean reef sharks
Wrecks Coral
Divers Silvertip Sharks
Whitetip Shark feeding frenzy Hammerhead Sharks
Whale Shark Eagle Ray feeding
Schooling Horse Eyed Jacks (1000+) Marble Rays
Green Turtles White Shark